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Did you know that millions of microscopic dust mites inhabit your mattress? You spend more time on your mattress with dust mites than on any other surface in your life. These tiny creatures are not just harmless roommates; they can cause irritation, itchy skin and even illnesses.

Despite clean sheets, dust mites thrive by feeding on the skin we shed. With a lifespan of 15-20 years, mattresses are the most occupied living spaces in our homes. We spend approximately 8 hours a day sleeping on our mattresses, exposing ourselves to mites and bacteria. These allergens can trigger asthma and allergies, making periodic mattress sanitizing crucial to avoid such reactions. Even new mattresses harbor dust mites; the only variable is the level of contamination.

Refresh, Renew, Restore: Personalized Mattress Cleaning

The Process

Mattresses are delicate, and improper handling can lead to damage. Moreover, moisture can attract bacteria and mold, resulting in permanent stains. However, our innovative process ensures quick and effective cleaning without risking damage.

SteamPro’s Mattress Cleaning employs a simple yet innovative process that sanitizes your mattress and eliminates dust mites in just 15 minutes. We start by addressing any visible spots or stains with non-toxic chemicals, effectively removing them before proceeding with sanitation.

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Mattress Cleaning and Sanitation Technology

Our advanced cleaning and sanitizing system, which utilizes the Mattrex® cleaning technology, effectively targets stains on the mattress surface while eliminating the millions of dust mites residing within. Using specialized equipment designed for mattresses and upholstery, we agitate, vacuum, and exterminate dust mites.

The system employs a deep-suction vacuum and UV-C light simultaneously, penetrating up to six inches into the mattress to expose and eliminate dust mites. High-frequency pulse waves create a powerful suction vacuum, capturing microscopic organisms agitated from within. The UV-C Germicidal light eliminates bacteria, dust mites, viruses, fungal spores, and other organisms hiding in your mattress. This thorough process covers all sides of the mattress, including pillows. Finally, we apply a non-toxic cleaning solution and steam clean your mattress to protect it from future stains and odors.

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