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Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Experience the Deep Clean Difference

At SteamPro, we offer professional hardwood floor deep cleaning services to residents in Los Angeles at affordable prices. While many homeowners focus on carpet cleaning, hardwood floors are becoming increasingly popular in all types of dwellings.

Despite their hard surface, hardwood floors require more than just a simple sweep and mop to maintain their beauty. Dirt and grime can become trapped deep inside the wood’s grains and creases, and particles can sneak through the cracks with every step. That’s why periodic deep cleaning is essential to extract these hard-to-reach particles and restore your floors to their original beauty.

Refresh, Renew, Restore: Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Uncover the Hidden Clean

We go beyond surface cleaning to eliminate everything hidden in the cracks of your hardwood floors. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures a thorough clean, digging deep into the surface to eliminate bacteria and other contaminants. Our professional tools are dustless, odorless, and non-toxic, providing the highest quality cleaning available. Experience the difference as we bring back the natural beauty of your hardwood floors. With our deep cleaning services, your home’s hardwood floors will look fresh, clean, and rejuvenated once again.

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Cleaning Process


1. Inspection Process

Not all hard surfaces are made the same. Some are more durable than others while some are delicate. Upon arrival, our technicians inspect your woods to analyze its specific needs, such as foot traffic or grime, and understand how to properly address those problems without damaging your floors.


2. HEPA Vacuum

Once we’re ready to begin the cleaning, we first manually vacuum your woods of any dirt, dry dust, or any loose hairs and crumbs. We use a highly specialized vacuum with bristles that agitate dust that’s trapped in cracks and hard to reach corners, like on stairs. Removing dry dust ensures a more thorough cleaning once we get our solution involved.


3. Power Scrubbing Machine

The main part of the hardwood floor cleaning process is using a machine that scrubs your floor. This machine sprays a hardwood floor cleaning solution and then uses mechanical scrubbers that efficiently digs dirt out of the cracks and grains of your woods. This equipment is specifically designed to clean hardwood floors effectively without damaging them. The machine also has a vacuum that extracts the moisture of the solution immediately, so your woods dry immediately.


4. Buffer

If your hardwood floors are highly trafficked with dirt and grime, our cleaning process might not be enough. That’s why we use a buffer that more effectively and aggressively degreases the dirt out of your floors.

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5. Sanitation and Gloss

After using our equipment your woods should already look cleaned and closer to how they originally looked when they were installed. But we’re not done just yet –we still need to sanitize it and apply a gloss to make it look shiny again.

Why Choose Us

Full scale moving service

We don’t cut corners nor do we recommend you do as well. When cleaning hardwood floors, we recommend we clean all your surfaces to avoid any inconsistencies in the texture and pattern of your woods. That’s why we send multiple technicians to help move around all your furnishings so we don’t miss any spots. Having more than one technician ensures a more thorough cleaning and in a timely manner within the day of service.

Ready to Experience the SteamPro Difference?

Don’t let dirt and grime diminish the beauty of your hardwood floors. Trust SteamPro’s professional hardwood floor clearing services to restore their natural luster. Contact us today to schedule your hardwood floor cleaning appointment.

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