Professional Deep Cleaning Services in Los Angeles


When you live in Santa Monica 90401 and 90402, 90403 and 90291 you have a lot of cleaning to do. Living right by the ocean doesn’t really help your carpet and simply vacuuming won’t get it completely clean. If you have been procrastinate about getting your carpet professionally steam cleaned, don’t worry we will take care of you. Every day your carpet accumulates large amounts of dust, dirt and allergens, which over time can be harmful to your health. At SteamPro we will gladly come to your home and professionally steam clean your wall-to-wall carpet, delicate luxury silk area rugs, and even your furniture/upholstery. We can get your carpet looking its best with our non-toxic, green and organic products and detergents; we don’t use harmful products because we care about your health. Scheduling is simple and fast. Call for a free estimate over the phone (310) 403-7443.

Serving Santa Monica zip codes: 90291, 90401, 90402 and 90403

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