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North Hollywood is now known as NoHo Arts District, which has transformed over the last decade to become a highly recognized city for individuals working and enjoying the entertainment industry.

North Hollywood is an eclectic neighborhood with modest residential blocks and the humming NoHo Arts District. The historic El Portal Theatre and many up-and- coming playhouses share the scene with art galleries, sound studios and the Academy of TV Arts and Sciences. The subway-accessible area also features retro-inspired cocktail lounges, craft beer bars, vintage shops and casual cafes.

Residing in the heart of southern California with the vibrant city of Los Angeles at your disposal, there is no shortage of things to do in North Hollywood.

Check out this list of Thing to Do in North Hollywood

The North Hollywood Demographics, as of August 2019, is below. If you are thinking of moving to North Hollywood, check out this breakdown of the population here .

  • Total Population 74, 670
  • Male Population 38,092
  • Female Population 36,578

Settling in

If you are preparing to move to North Hollywood, it is wise to go above and beyond your planning when selecting a residence. After you have chosen your house or apartment, start researching some of the area’s most expert utility and cleaning companies. For example, carpet cleaning in Los Angeles is a must. Literally anybody can buy a carpet- cleaning machine off the Internet, but SteamPro has more than 15 years of experience in our profession and we make sure we hire the very best and most professional and friendly IICRC technicians.

Eating Out

Once you are comfortable in your new home, it’s time to venture out! NoHo is famous for it’s dining options, both casual and luxury. You can rest assured, no matter the mood you are in, there is a dish for you.

Yelp Link to Top Restaurants in North Hollywood

Planning Around Weather 

In doesn’t rain much in Southern California, but when it does the streets are usually pretty empty. It is important to plan your days based on the weather and although it’s usually sunny, there is sometimes unexpected weather.

Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles 

With so much fun happening in North Hollywood, there is not much time for cleaning and that is why we are here to help you stay tidy. Not only will your carpet and upholstery look immaculate, but you’ll always feel comfortable when working with SteamPro . Nobody should sacrifice service just so you can save a few bucks with somebody who left a flier on your windshield. SteamPro uses state of the art equipment along with non-toxic, green and organic products. To learn more about carpet cleaning in Los Angeles and North Hollywood call us at (310) 403-7443.